11 Questions For Whoever Made Teen People’s Covers In 2001

It was a fug year for pop stars.

1. Is A.J. McLean’s ramen noodle haircut, a boy band essential?

ID: 1402927

2. What prize did Britney Spears win?

ID: 1402930

3. Why didn’t Tina Knowles do a better job of coordinating their outfits?

ID: 1402935

4. Did the winner of the call convince Carson Daly to end his engagement to Tara Reid?

ID: 1402933

5. Why is JC Chasez rocking Midwestern soccer mom hair?

ID: 1402939

6. Did Freddie Prinz Jr. ever have another successful movie after She’s All That?

ID: 1402947

7. Was Kevin Richardson really one of the hottest guys in music? He wasn’t even the hottest guy in Backstreet.

ID: 1402953

8. How was Justin Timberlake not voted worst dressed?

ID: 1402964

9. Why is Teen People promoting tattoos?

ID: 1402969

10. Were NSYNC really ever bad boys?

ID: 1402997

11. Whatever happened to Ja Rule?

ID: 1403011

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