15 Celebrity Gifs That Will Help Get You Through A Break-Up

It’s time to let the healing begin.

1. Ryan Gosling just noticed your new Facebook relationship status.

ID: 747778

2. Tina Fey wants you to know that she’s got your back.

ID: 747628

3. Harry and Ron think you deserve to be happy.

ID: 746978

4. Betty White wants to raise a toast in your honor.

ID: 747845

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks you oughta smile more.

ID: 747165

6. Carrie Underwood knows you deserve better.

ID: 747181

7. Stephen Colbert is really proud of your life choices.

ID: 747469

8. Adele is SO over your ex.

ID: 747597

9. Ron Swanson couldn’t be more excited for your future.

ID: 747528

10. Emma Stone is really moved by your bravery.

ID: 747873

11. Ron Burgundy is really excited to see you doing you for a change.

ID: 747572

12. Kat Dennings wants you to believe in yourself.

ID: 747125

13. Russell Brand suggests that you ignore that voicemail from your ex.

ID: 747304

14. Zooey Deschanel wants to tell you that true love isn’t dead.

ID: 747732

15. Robert Downey Jr. is really proud of you.

ID: 747985

It’s time for you and cable to see other people.

ID: 765212

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