20 Tactics To Help You Find A Husband

A good man is hard to find – but not if you’re looking in the right places! Whether prowling for a regular dude or a royal, tune into Bravo’s Princesses: Long Island every Sunday @ 9/8c to watch how New York’s finest get it done. Here are some helpful hints in the meantime.

1. First and foremost, you can be self-aware, but you cannot publicly wallow.

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2. Eliminate undue stress by adjusting your standards. Stay open to possibilities.

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3. Make yourself available.

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4. Be open to all forms of flirtation… at first.

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5. Perk up that sense of humor.

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6. Tie up those sneakers and hit the local trail.

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7. Be aware of your best assets and flaunt accordingly.

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8. Keep calm and exercise self-control.

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9. Buy HIM a drink from across the bar and let the madness ensue.

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10. Pick a new favorite sport… and team.

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11. Give a “different” form of online dating a shot.

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12. Perhaps let your puppies meet each other first.

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13. Take a swing at golf.

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14. Rely on the generational wisdom of a yenta.

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15. Don’t be overly aggressive, and always respect other people’s property.

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16. If you want to be super adventurous, learn to speak a foreign language and hop on that airplane.

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17. Be realistic.

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18. Keep your charms and wiles in check.

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19. Never forget that you are truly fabulous.

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20. But if all else fails, just get right to the point.

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Tune in to learn more ways to rope a man on “Princesses: Long Island” – Every Sunday at 9/8c. Only on Bravo.

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