14 Signs You Might Be Long Island Royalty

It’s called “Strong Island” for a reason, and its ladies will never let you forget it. Get to know the cast of Bravo’s newest series Princesses: Long Island, and tune in to watch their encounters with love and life, Every Sunday at 9/8c.

1. You spent at least one summer experimenting with theater camp.

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2. DJ Jeff spun at your bat mitzvah.

DJ Jeff Yahney Fan Club / Via Facebook: DJ-Jeff-Yahney-Fan-Club
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3. Hewlett Station Yogurt has your order on lock. And your sister’s. And your mom’s. And probably your Bubbe’s, too.

danisimonn / Via instagram.com
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4. It’s not Manhattan. It’s…

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5. Passover’s the perfect excuse to jumpstart your carb-free diet.

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6. You were majorly loyal to the local emo explosion before it hit the rest of America.

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7. But not without worshipping at the altar of DAVE at the same time.

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8. Mustard? On a burger?

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9. Your Bat Mitzvah favors and sign-in board have yet to leave your childhood bedroom.

lucas_cantor / Via Flickr: lucas_cantor
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10. You won’t admit it out loud, but there’s a really special space in your heart for this certain shade of blue.

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11. Your special superpower is making it onto your LIRR train within the minute it’s about to leave the station.

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12. You could navigate this place with your eyes closed.

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13. You’re fiercely loyal to your side of the island.

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14. You’re really looking forward to your prince waltzing into your life.

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Tune in to learn the lay of the land and the ladies who rule it on “Princesses: Long Island” – Every Sunday at 9/8c. Only on Bravo.

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