14 Reasons Why It’s Great To Live On Your Own

Never underestimate how important it is to get some space before finding someone to settle down with. Bravo’s Princesses: Long Island however, might beg to differ as they embrace adulthood under the same roof as their parents. Tune in to Bravo’s newest series to see these women making moves of their own Every Sunday at 9/8c. But first, some lessons on why they’re doing it the wrong way.

1. Sleeping diagonally across the bed is obviously the most comfortable way to pass out.

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2. No one’s stealing your special stash out of the fridge.

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3. You’ll get left alone to enjoy solo dance parties.

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4. No one can mess-up your DVR preferences.

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5. Your puppy is the perfect assistant and best pal.

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6. No one’s standing over you demanding that you sort out your “feels.”

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7. You don’t ever have to wear clothing if you don’t want to.

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8. You can really own your privacy.

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9. Dinner is whatever you want it to be.

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10. You can cope with your hangovers without judgment.

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11. You can leave your laundry on the floor until you absolutely need it.

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12. You can have slumber parties with new friends.

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13. You learn to reason with yourself.

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14. No one tells you to turn down the volume when you’re trying to live your dreams.

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Will they make it on their own or remain in the family roost? Tune in to “Princesses: Long Island” to find out – Every Sunday at 9/8c. Only on Bravo.

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