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    • brandonwesleym

      I was once bartending at a “popular” place named after a certain day of the week in Raleigh, NC, and had this relatively nice young woman sitting and eating at the bar. She was eating pasta, drinking a margarita….when she got a phone call and she immediately looked distressed.
      There was a guy on the other end of the call, and she kept telling him not to come, please, do not come up there. A few minutes later a guy shows up and sits next to her. He then asks what it is she thinks she is doing. Ask her if she feels like she can just go and do whatever she wants. She kept apologizing, and he told her they were leaving. Now. She asked if she could finish her food and drink. HE responded by taking the margarita and pouring it directly over her food. He threw two 20s on the bar, and then dragged her out by the arm. She nearly fell down the stairs, he was leading her so quickly. Once they got outside…I saw him straight punch her in the face. She fell down, and took a moment, and then he dragged her into his car. It’s company policy not to intervene when things like that happen. We called the police….but that sort of thing happened all of the time…..