Ugly Pictures Of People You Love To Hate

If it wasn’t for these people, our lives would be void of anything to loathe.

1. Justin “I Shouldn’t Be Famous” Beiber

2. Kristen “Bitch-face” Stewart

3. Carrot “Future Back Alley Rapist” Top

4. Lady “Or Possibly Man” Gaga

5. Kim “My Ass Is My Only Marketable Trait” Kardashian

6. Lindsay “One More Gram Of Coke Won’t Hurt” Lohan

7. Paris “I’m Famous For Being Trashy” Hilton

8. Britanny “AAARRRGGGHHHHH….I’m INSANE!” Spears

9. Sarah Jessica “Don’t Call Me ‘Seabiscut’” Parker

See, they aren’t so different from you and I…..just richer and crazier. Hope you enjoyed hating these pictures!

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