37 Of The Most Unsettling Things You Will Ever Likely See

No apologies for anything you’re about to look at.

1. This wonderful cake!

ID: 2972691

2. This loving Santa!

ID: 2972694

3. This bucket o’ tiny babies!

ONLY 25cents!!?!

ID: 2972696

4. This TURTLE POWER family photo!

Cowabunga straight into your nightmares, dude!

ID: 2972700

5. This touching photo recreation!

ID: 2972702

6. This SUPER-CONVINCING offer to join BaDoink!

ID: 2972703

7. The second and third options of this WILD Google search!

ID: 2972704

8. Whatever THE HELL is going on here!

ID: 2972717

9. This CrAaAAaZzzZyYyyY faceswap!

ID: 2972719

10. This dog wearing SOCK SHOES!

ID: 2972720

11. And this dog playing cosplay!

ID: 2972721

12. This artistic mural in a Japanese restaurant!

ID: 2972724

13. This E-Z-SAVE penny bank!

ID: 2972726


ID: 2972732

15. The SUPER-EXCITED face of the Dippin’ Dots kid!

ID: 2972737

16. This bag of CPR doll heads!

ID: 2972741

17. This astute observation!

So similar!

ID: 2972742

18. This WONDERFUL demonstration of mathematics!

ID: 2972746

19. This friendly reminder to ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR KID IS WEARING A DIAPER!


ID: 2972748

20. This text that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to get from your dad!

ID: 2972750

21. This REALLY convincing use of quotation marks!

ID: 2972755

22. And this one too!

ID: 2972758

23. This birdie having to watch its owner PHYSICALLY DECAPITATE AND COOK another bird!

ID: 2972763

24. This GIF!

ID: 2972766

25. This FRIENDLY sticker!!

ID: 2972767

26. And HUMAN-STYLE shrimp!

ID: 2972769

27. This guy just saying “hi” while you eat!

ID: 2972772

28. This man who, when asked to describe himself, could only think of the words “I’M NOT A MOLESTER!”

ID: 2972773

29. This “rotating lollipop”!


ID: 2972781

30. This 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant!

Stockin’ up for the whole family!

ID: 2972786

31. This dog who has seen things you couldn’t even IMAGINE!

ID: 2972788

32. This!

ID: 2972797

33. This YUMMY looking beef stew!

ID: 2972801

34. This mirror image of someones mouth!

ID: 2972804

35. This modified sign!

ID: 2972805

36. This baby doll!


ID: 2972808

37. And Gary Busey!

ID: 2972809

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