22 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In Tasmania

The real (and literal) Down Under.

1. You know these guys are cute.

Aptly named the TASMANIAN Devil.

ID: 2162837

But they’re actually pretty ferocious.

ID: 2162849

2. You know that there’s a lot of beautiful walking tracks/national parks.

Paul D’Ambra / Via Flickr: 87806373@N04
ID: 2162894

3. But you’ve only walked 3 of them.

ID: 2169270

4. Because this feeling is all too common.

ID: 2467393

5. And you’re in bed most of the time because it’s FREEZING.

ID: 2162931

6. All the shops seem to close early.

ID: 2163187

7. And you know about Lake St. Claire - Australia’s deepest lake!

ID: 2169177

8. The public transport can be a bit shit sometimes…

ID: 2169191

9. But it’s not all bad.

ID: 2169373

10. You’ve watched (or been a part of) our annual Zombie Walk!

ID: 2169403

11. And even though all these guys are (allegedly) extinct…

ID: 2169442

12. They’re still immortalised on Tassie’s local brew!

Cascade Brewery / Via facebook.com

Even though it’s harder to get your hands on the old bottles now.

ID: 2169445

13. Unless you’re from Launceston. Then this is your local:

ID: 2169462

14. Not to mention the fact that the Cascade Brewery is the OLDEST IN THE COUNTRY.

Cascade Brewery / Via facebook.com
ID: 2169455

15. There’s nothing quite like some Tassie smoked salmon.

ID: 2175621
New Line Cinema
ID: 2175636

16. And if you want culture you know where to get it!

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) opened two years ago and it’s already the BEST DAMN GALLERY IN AUSTRALIA.

ID: 2175648


ID: 2175695

18. Although this installation was never going to work out…

ID: 2467381

19. You know there’s a reason the Sydney to Hobart ends in Tassie.

It’s more of an escape to a beautiful paradise.

ID: 2467227

20. You know that Tasmania is the best AT PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.

ID: 2468007

21. And you’ve seen a pademelon.

Lon Martin / Via Flickr: 35682862@N04

Which are SO much better than quokkas.

ID: 2467374

22. But most of all, you know Tasmania is the most beautiful state in Australia.

Mike Rowe / Via Flickr: 36976184@N02
ID: 2467984

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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