The 25 Smoothest Moments In History

Everyone else is smoother than you.

1. This ol’ up-n-over.

ID: 2851665

2. Or this up-over-down-and-out.

ID: 2851689

3. This guy scratching the back of his head with a falling hat.

ID: 2851669

4. Or this guy dodging and stepping down the aisles.

ID: 2851681

5. This SMOOTH Valentines Day proposal.

ID: 2851795

6. This kid who turned a fall into a dive.

ID: 2851796

7. Relax, no one noticed.

ID: 2851797

8. This cat keepin’ it cool.

ID: 2851799

9. Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf with their own celebration.

ID: 2851801

10. And these two turning awkward into smooth like it’s nothing.

ID: 2851803

11. Every mistake can be turned into a dance move.

ID: 2851804

12. But never, ever lose heart.

ID: 2851805

13. This kid found out the hard way that escalators are cruel, heartless and sharp.

ID: 2851806

14. And this dog knows legs are for chumps.

ID: 2851807

15. No means no.

ID: 2851808

16. No matter what you’ve got to show.

ID: 2851809

17. And this dog shows us why one should never forget their buddy.


ID: 2851810

18. Whilst smoothness can also be deployed to turn a bad situation into a fun one!

ID: 2865958

19. Even goats can do it.

ID: 2866006

20. Sometimes eating is hard.

ID: 2865962

21. But this guy shows us that you should NEVER ask for directions to clitoris avenue.

Even if it exists and you have a job interview there.

ID: 2851811

22. Snoop knows how to turn a potentially embarrassing situation into an awesome one.

ID: 2866027

23. And this curve shows that all it takes to pull off ultimate smoothness is a pair of sunglasses and a “hey baby.”

ID: 2866040

24. This guy said “fuck you!” to disaster and ended up the smooth victor.

ID: 2866610

25. And this guy got everything right.

ID: 2866611

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