29 Of The Most Sinister Moments In History

The world is a dark, dark place.

1. When Elmo had his skin taken off.


2. When this French lesson turned dark trying to convince you to eat a child.

3. The time some zookeeper tried to convince this otter that it would enjoy watermelon.

4. This rather evil looking announcement.

5. When Boogie Board plotted the demise of your family.

6. The discovery of this bull.

7. When the architect of HELL ITSELF designed this mall.

8. When this model really really wanted to give away a brand new car.


9. This incredibly sinister family portrait.

10. When the author of this French language book thought these phrases would be handy to know.


11. This dastardly trick.

12. Or ANYONE who does this to some innocent person’s desktop.

13. This cunning thief.

14. This note.

I miss my shoes.

15. This Easter bunny plotting its revenge.

16. The time this man became the ENEMY OF ALL GROCERY STORES.

17. When this chicken was not impressed with you or the snow and made you pay for it.

18. When satan and cleanliness came together to create this monstrosity.

19. The woman who IGNORED ALL ORDERS and watched this video.

20. When Pluto finally had enough of Mickey’s bullshit antics.


21. The eerie realization that these jelly bean flavors are an accident waiting to happen.

22. The moment this evil idea was thought up.

23. The person whose rage escalated VERY quickly.

24. Whenever anyone does this.

25. This evil poll.


26. The evil elephant who will STARE INTO YOUR SOUL.

27. When this sicko started looking into other ways to make money.

28. This driver’s evil car.

29. And the discovery of Michael Cera’s evil ‘stached twin.

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