21 Reasons Why TISM Are The Best Thing To Ever Come Out Of Australia

The impossible to characterise Australian band are 32 years old. Here’s a look back on why they’re still relevant (and always will be).

This is TISM.

(This Is Serious Mum)

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1. They had the best band bios of all time.

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2. But no one ACTUALLY knew who they were.

They could have been ANYONE.

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3. They always had creative costumes on stage.

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4. And they knew how to make a statement.

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5. They were always interested in new ways to make their live act unique.

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6. They asked the big questions.

(Les Murray is a former professional soccer player turned broadcaster)

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7. They had the best album covers EVER.

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8. Whilst their song titles remained creative, intriguing and different.

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9. They weren’t afraid to strip down.

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10. And they let a bunch of 14 year olds be on their music video

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11. And then narrated their judgement over the top.

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12. They were guest programmers on rage and spent half of it discussing ABC’s Lateline theme song.

The original trolls.

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13. Or the 4 Corners theme.

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14. Or the ABC news titles.

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15. Then there’s the time they went on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Daryl Somers didn’t know what to do.

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16. And wasn’t too impressed with their song title…

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17. They had REAL interests.

Musicland / Via 45cat.com
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18. And their songs were current and all about MAKING A POINT.

“I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix.”

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19. Their lyrics were powerful.

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20. They have become a part of Australia’s quiz-question database.

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21. And since they stopped releasing albums and touring, NO ONE knows if the countless performances recorded on Youtube are the real TISM or cover bands.

I mean look at them. Would you be able to tell?

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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