20 Reasons Your Parents Are The Absolute Greatest

They’re with you from birth (duh).

1. Because they make funny jokes to impress you.

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2. They’re harsh but fair.

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3. They know how to turn a horrible situation (like a mummified cat under your house) into a funny one.

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4. And they made your childhood awesome.

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5. They’re thoughtful.

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6. And praise you when you’ve done well.

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7. Even when they’re mean to you it’s all for the best.

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8. Sure they don’t always do the…smartest things.

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9. But they try to maintain their cultural relevance.

Hard-copy selfie sent in the mail…

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10. And keep up with technology.

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11. They do weird things.

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12. Really weird things.

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13. But at the end of the day they do it for you and the family.

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14. They’re always proud of you.

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15. And they often outdo you.

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16. A lot of the time it feels like they are out to embarrass you.

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17. But they’re actually just being patient.

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18. …saving up for that big graduation present.

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19. They love you.

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20. And they’re super happy you’re strong.

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