Cosmopolitan Tweeted Out A Photo Of Kim And Kanye Without Realizing It Wasn’t Actually Them


1. Yesterday, Cosmopolitan tweeted out its latest scoop on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

ID: 2892506

2. The only problem was that the photo they used WAS NOT of Kim or Kanye.

Or North West, for that matter.

ID: 2892514

3. Can you spot the differences?

Charles Sykes/Invision / AP, File

ID: 2892575

4. Cosmopolitan has since deleted the tweet and replaced it with this.

ID: 2892582

5. But not before a few people could get in their opinion.

ID: 2892586

Cosmo is trolling and I am tired. They stuck Big Ang and R Jelly in a photo to pass off as Kim and Kanye.

— LeToya Fuckett (@CorporateBarbie)
ID: 2892593

Can we all just laugh at the fact that @Cosmopolitan tweeted this thinking it was Kim and Kanye?

— Ashley Alese Edwards (@AshleyAlese)
ID: 2892587

Does cosmo know thats not Kim and Ye?

— RAGER!!! (@SynKami)
ID: 2892595

Wait Cosmo really just tweeted an article about Kim and Kanye with a fake picture of Kim and Kanye.....

— Cassidy K (@Casssidy_Rae)
ID: 2892592

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