20 Lessons Every Thirtysomething Man Can Learn From Karl Stefanovic

A great man and a great role model.

1. Exercising is important.

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As you move on to the next stage of your life you want to be sure your body doesn’t crumble.

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2. Remember to try new things.

And if you fail at first, try, try again!

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3. Avoid temptation.

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4. Learn to celebrate the milestones in OTHER peoples lives.

Nothing is appreciated more than when you care about others.

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5. Spend time with your kids.

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6. See the world.

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7. Always be looking for new ways to learn.

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8. And share your new found knowledge with others.

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9. Try to cook some more at home.

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10. Help others with free fashion advice.

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11. Meet inspiring people.

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12. Make an entrance.

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13. Don’t lose your competitive edge.

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14. Keep it old school.

“When I’m DJing in Ibiza and the like I prefer the no nonsense Nord Electro 3.”

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15. Always ask questions.

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16. Don’t be afraid to try a new look once in a while.

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17. Dress for the occasion.

“Yes sir. Ready for action.”

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18. At least once a year, do something for charity.

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19. Sometimes it’s okay to dress up.

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20. And always have fun!

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