These Are Things To Avoid Eating Before You Go On A Boat

BuzzFeed Oz just went whale watching. It was awesome, but I was sick.

1. Hopefully by recounting my diet today you will not fall into the same queazy journey I did.

3. 6:45AM: Protein shake.

I’m not really sure if this had a big effect on me throwing up big time on a boat earlier, but it might have.

4. 7:00AM A swig of pineapple juice.

Drank this straight out of the bottle because I’m hardcore. Also helps get rid of the taste of protein shake.


Gotta stay clean.

6. 7:15AM: Coffee with MCT oil (it’s like coconut oil) and grass fed butter.

Look, I know this is the most pretentious sounding thing ever. And if I had my way I wouldn’t have to tell you BUT for the sake of the public and making sure no one gets sick on a boat again I must!

p.s It’s actually really good you should try it.

7. 7:30AM: Six eggs.

I like eggs, okay.

8. 7:55AM: Head off to work.

This involves a supremely tedious bus route.

9. 9:10AM: One apple.

I don’t usually have an apple this early in the morning but it was Monday and I was feeling adventurous.

10. 10:30AM: Greek yoghurt with mixed nuts.

I think this is probably the most likely culprit. Dairy is always scary.

11. 12:10PM: Two slices of toast with peanut butter.

Also a dodgy choice - and I can tell you from the taste of my own vomit that this was the most prevalent.

12. And that’s about it.

15. Maybe consult this sick little man’s day and decide what will/won’t work for you.

I could also just be soft.

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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