20 People Who Seriously Don’t Know How To Tinder

Bro, do you even tinder?

1. Megan comes right out and says it.


2. Whilst Emily goes a little bit too far down the rabbit hole…


3. Sierra find out the hard way that snakes don’t always get you dates.


4. This just…I mean…It kind of makes sense?


5. It was a good opener. Really.


6. Like, literally never stop.


7. Ahhhhh this isn’t Best Buy…


8. This is not the place for shitty puns. This is Tinder. The place for shitty flirting.


9. Apparently God has Tinder…


11. This guy has a tough life and needs to vent elsewhere. That’s not what Tinder is for.


Go live out your Grapes-of-wrath-fantasy somewhere else.



13. This is actually pretty impressive.


14. Poor excuse, mate.


15. *Still wondering what bees are made of*


16. It was a weird question to begin with, but still.


17. Chicks only dig cool guys, apparently (obviously)


19. This person needs to watch who has their phone.


20. And this one doesn’t even get a GIF. Because y’know what? It’s really depressing.

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