14 Times Club Penguin’s Harsh Censorship Ruined Everyone’s Fun

The much loved online community isn’t without its faults.

1. When they opposed women’s rights. (ftw)

ID: 2825068

2. When they censored a struggling comic.

ID: 2825071

3. When they stopped this penguin who was just trying to have a good time.

ID: 2825072

4. When they barred the spread of vegetarian thought!

ID: 2825074

5. When they SILENCED this guy without answering his question.

ID: 2825075

6. When they cruelly banned Dorothy and her Yellow-Brick-Road wandering ways.

ID: 2825079

7. When they wouldn’t let this guy vent.

ID: 2825082

8. When they censored a censor.

ID: 2825112

9. When they wouldn’t let this guy express his spidey senses.

ID: 2825116

10. When they intervened with this altercation.

ID: 2825117

11. Or when they forced this guy to forget.

ID: 2825120

12. When they censored the EXPRESSION of OPINION!

ID: 2825122

13. When they stopped this guy from getting a snowcone.

ID: 2825126

14. And they stopped this guy from asserting his dominance.

ID: 2825224

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