Definitive Proof That Quokkas Are The Greatest Animal Ever

Just read it. Your argument is invalid.

1. Quokkas are fucking awesome.

Timmy Toucan / Via
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2. But not much is known about these mysterious beasts.

Hewball / Via Flickr: 26644336@N03
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3. Did you know they were the first animal in space?

(hearts added)

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4. And that they were a BIG influence in the toppling of the Berlin wall?

ID: 2353175

5. In fact, if you look through history Quokkas are often involved.

Hiroshima, 1945.

ID: 2353182

6. Here’s one spotted on the grassy knoll.

ID: 2353188

7. And here’s one spotted at the site of the Ukraine’s Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

ID: 2353260

8. Famous artists have also been known to worship the quokka.

ID: 2353282

9. And rightfully so.

ID: 2353297

10. Because quokkas are fucking awesome.

ID: 2353478

11. And the closer you look…

ID: 2353479

12. …the more you see.

ID: 2353486

13. It is thought that quokkas date back to the Stone Age some 2.5 MILLION YEARS AGO.

ID: 2353513

14. From the neanderthals:

ID: 2353531

15. To the Egyptian hieroglyphics:

Here, two pharaoh exchange a quokka. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped the quokka and believed it to hold supernatural powers like immortality, super strength and magnificent linguistic skills.

ID: 2353551

16. More recently, quokkas have appeared at global events. Like Barack Obama’s inauguration:

ID: 2353581

17. And when Colorado made marijuana legal a quokka was one of the first in line.

ID: 2353596

18. They’ve also been ever present throughout musical history, like when The Beatles first came to America.

ID: 2353610

19. And when Jimi Hendrix played his famous Woodstock show:

ID: 2353641

20. Don’t forget The Titanic.

ID: 2353683


ID: 2353688

22. THEY

ID: 2353709

23. WERE

ID: 2353714

24. THERE!

ID: 2353719

25. So there you have it.

ID: 2353726

26. Definitive proof.

Ken and Nyetta / Via Flickr: 71279764@N00
ID: 2353734

27. Quokkas are fucking awesome.

Flickr: 31157339@N00 / Via Fernando de Sousa
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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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