This Boy Asked A Stranger For A Banana And Then Instantly Became A Meme

Those clever folks at Reddit are at it again! We love you, Carter.

1. Recently, a photo of a boy (Carter) became a sensation on the front page of Reddit.

2. As is often the case, the internet was quick to turn the little dude into a meme.

This version of the movie would have probably been a lot more successful.

3. Soon Carter was everywhere.

5. And in every moment.

6. Both in real life…

8. And real TV moments.

“The little one that knocks…”


10. Some imagined Carter starting up his own frozen banana stand.

11. Or starring in great films.

*Brad and Angelina adopt another!*

13. Suddenly Carter had a record deal.

14. And became the suspect of many bizarre explosions.


This meme is produced by Michael Bay.

15. His banana was stolen by a familiar looking suspect…

16. And he became a lone soldier, isolated in the dirges of humanity with only his banana and shadow for company.

“Who am i?”

17. Almost everyone loves Carter.


18. And why wouldn’t you! He’s one cool dude.

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Brad Esposito is a Social News Reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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