18 People Who Can’t Wait For The Weekend

They’ll need their rest.

1. The guy who celebrated Christmas WAY too hard.

ID: 2390528

2. The Schoolies struggler.

ID: 2390532

3. The sausage roll connoisseur

ID: 2390544

4. The maker of this wine.

ID: 2390548

5. This dog owner.

ID: 2390550

6. The people who have to use THIS bus stop.

ID: 2390595

7. The person left with this decision.

ID: 2390603

8. This poor contestant.

Channel 9
ID: 2390616

9. This man’s reasoning behind drought season.

ID: 2390623

10. This Darwin resident.

ID: 2390651

11. This woman who just wanted warm pants.

ID: 2390657

12. This naked guy stuck in his washing machine.

ID: 2390676

13. This person and their understanding of the news.

ID: 2390685

14. This photoshop guy who probably lost his job :(

ID: 2390701

15. This guy.

ID: 2390723

16. The woman with these pest control methods

ID: 2390742

17. This thief who decided to rob the wrong people.

ID: 2390790

18. And this woman.

ID: 2390826

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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