12 Things You May Not Know About The Movie ‘Wolf Creek’

Other than the fact it can scare you to death.

1. Wolf Creek is the only film the late film critic Roger Ebert ever walked out on.

He said it was “worse than Showgirls.”:

2. Just like in the movie, there is a real crater in Western Australia but it’s spelled “Wolfe Creek.”

Australian Film Finance Corporation

Australian Film Finance Corporation


Here’s what it looks like:

Yaruman5 / Via Flickr: 32738821@N00

3. The party scene originally lasted more than 40 minutes.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

Would’ve been a longer movie, that’s for sure.

4. As a child actor, Cassandra Magrath had roles in popular Australian shows Ocean Girl and SeaChange.

5. The principle photography was entirely handheld.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

6. The ENTIRE film was shot in 25 days.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

7. And was shot entirely chronologically.

8. The beach scenes early in the film were shot in winter. Cassandra Magrath recalls not being able to remember her own name upon leaving the water because she was so cold.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

9. Nathan Phillips, who plays backpacker Ben Mitchell in the movie, got his start in acting by playing a character named Teabag on Neighbours.


10. The abandoned mine in the film was the site of an actual murder.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

Locals thought the film was actually going to be about that incident, and protested until they found out the truth.

11. Before shooting, there had been no rainfall in the area for 10 years.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

12. And Cassandra Magrath said that John Jarratt’s sinister laugh gave her nightmares.

Australian Film Finance Corporation

The sequel, Wolf Creek 2 is out next week!

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