There’s A Spanish Version Of “Breaking Bad” And It’s Insane

It’s true. Breaking Bad isn’t quite over yet. Well it is. But now you can watch it in Spanish! Ah Colombia, I love you.

1. First - watch this.

That’s right. It’s real.

ID: 1828988

2. Forget Walter White. Meet Walter Blanco!

Whilst Walter White is just some loser chemistry teacher, Walter Blanco is…well…still a chemistry teacher. But a Colombian one!

ID: 1829001

3. Walter Blanco loves spending his time with his wife - Skyler…I mean…Cielo Blanco

ID: 1829074

4. And his son - Walter Blanco Jnr.


ID: 1829079

5. This is his brother-in-law, Henry Navarro.

He works for the police and their drug enforcement agency.

ID: 1829101

6. And Henry Navarro has a partner…let’s just call him Gomez.

Ah Gomey, I love ya.

ID: 1829134

7. Walter Blanco finds out he has cancer.

It always hurts when Walter finds out. Even in Spanish.

ID: 1829139

8. So he decides to go into business with an old student of his - Jose Miguel Rosas.

ID: 1829152

9. Who looks a lot like a Colombian Andy Samberg.

ID: 1829169

10. They make crystal meth together in an old school bus :)

ID: 1829165

11. Oh yeh - this is Walter Blanco’s nosey sister-in-law.


ID: 1829173

12. Jose Miguel Rosas is a bit of a dummy…

ID: 1829247

13. And gets involved with the wrong people.

Let’s call him “El Loco Ocho.”

ID: 1829255

14. So it’s up to Walter Blanco to save the day.

ID: 1829268

15. And he does!

ID: 1829274

16. And that’s only the beginning!

ID: 1829280

17. I can’t wait to see what Walter Blanco and the gang get up to next.

ID: 1829282

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