That Time I Matched With Groot On Tinder

I never expected to find true love on Tinder. Until I met him.

I honestly can’t even believe I found him on here! But hey, stranger things have happened.

ID: 3563712

At first, there was some confusion. Imagine how embarrassed I was to find out I was talking to a movie star!

ID: 3563713

But then we started talking and he told me about his past and what he did for pun….

ID: 3563714

Just chatting, casual stuff, you know.

ID: 3563715

Things got real when we had our first fight.

ID: 3563716

But we figured it out. Together. Because love always finds a way.

ID: 3563718

I’m not normally the sentimental type. Just something about him made me feel so…I can’t even describe it.

ID: 3563721

I am Groot. He says so much with so little.

ID: 3563722

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