This Lego Man Leads A Better Life Than You

Sir Jaunty, a hand assembled Lego man born in New York City, shows you all the ways you’re doing it wrong in the greatest city on earth. At least until he goes home to Los Angeles and then we can all just be jealous of his weather and pity him for not living full time in New York.

1. Sir Jaunty Lego Man has a stylish bowler. What do you have?

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2. Sir Jaunty knows that social media is where it’s at & has his own Tumblr and Instagram.

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3. Sir Jaunty was born in NYC and has been to the Plaza. / Via Instagram

Have you been to the Plaza?

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4. Sir Jaunty reads classics and snacks at Milk Bar.

Do you read classics?

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5. He knows the importance of knowing about your roots.

Do you have a bio-pic?

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6. Sir Jaunty knows the importance of seeing the sites in NYC.

Do they make ice skates for Lego men?

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7. Sir Jaunty has brunched with Luke Skywalker.

Have you brunched with a celebrity?

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8. Sir Jaunty doesn’t let a little thing like a fear of needles get in his way.

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9. Sir Jaunty checked out the High Line on a perfect spring day.

Can New Yorkers blame him for taking that sunshine back to the west coast with him?

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10. Sir Jaunty stays in really fancy hotels.

Seriously how does he afford it all?

ID: 2701903

11. Sir Jaunty understands the importance of solar flare.

He’s probably friends with JJ Abrams.

ID: 2701909

12. He also knows the importance of classics.

Such a deep thinker…

ID: 2701916

13. Sir Jaunty loves a good pun.

Really, puns are hilarious. So are peeps.

ID: 2701918

14. Sir Jaunty goes climbing.

This looks a lot more fun than on rocks.

ID: 2701925

15. Of course Sir Jaunty prefers vintage.

Of course he does.

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Follow Sir Jaunty on tumblr and instagram to keep up with his great life - it’s definitely better than yours.

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