11 Animals With Insanely Predictable Reading Preferences

Some readers are just soooo predictable.

1. Romance

This sloth is a regular ole Romeo.

ID: 1885228

2. Erotic Romance

When it comes to lovin’, these pups believe the dirtier, the better.

ID: 1885262

3. Paranormal Romance

This pug’s just looking for the Bella to his Edward.

ID: 1886077

4. Horror

This gorilla appreciates a good scare.

ID: 1885278

5. Thrillers

This cat is easily surprised by twists and turns.

ID: 1886385

6. Mysteries

This meticulous rodent will follow endless trails of clues.

ID: 1885530

7. Fantasy

This chihuahua dreams of flying with dragons.

ID: 1885690

8. Cooking

This St. Bernard hopes to someday study at Le Cordon Bleu.

ID: 1885609

9. Advice & How-To

This chill rabbit is all about self-improvement techniques.

ID: 1885357

10. Children’s

These huskies just want to be a kid again.

ID: 1886592

11. Non-Fiction

This bird has no time for nonsense.

ID: 1886292

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