Possibly The Worst Job Interview Performance In The History Of The Eastern Seaboard

Cameron Wake was this close to nailing it. And by “this,” we mean…

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Grantland ran an excellent piece last week about Cameron Wake, the Miami Dolphins defensive end shown above engaging in America’s national pastime (causing Mark Sanchez to fumble). There’s a lot of good material in the piece about Wake’s unusual path to the NFL (he worked for a while at a Bally gym after going undrafted) and why he’s so good at rushing the passer, but let’s focus on one particular anecdote: the time Wake gave the worst job audition of the century.

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3. In 2007 Wake was trying to make the Canadian Football League. He showed up at Howard University’s Greene Stadium for a tryout with the B.C. Lions.

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4. Howard University is in Washington, D.C. As in the nation’s capital.

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5. But, as Wake eventually realized to his utter terror, his tryout was actually at Hampton University.

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6. Which is in Hampton, Virginia.


That’s the Hampton Coliseum, a famous concert venue. Phish plays there a lot.

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7. Hampton’s Armstrong Stadium was, and is, a cool 181 miles away from Greene Stadium, where Wake had showed up.

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Wake actually still ended up making the B.C. Lions, and, eventually, the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. So, take heart, the next time you gruesomely botch a question in a job interview, that the guy who missed his interview by 200 miles still ended up with the gig he wanted.

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