Super-Excited, Super-Mustached Fan Steals Show At Home Run Derby

His friend caught a homer and he couldn’t be more pleased.

This home run by Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes — the eventual Home Run Derby champ — started out like any other home run. It was long and it went over a fence.

ID: 1371588

It landed in the crowd, where a fan caught it.

ID: 1371641

But this was no ordinary fan…

ID: 1371724

7. This was a fan standing next to SUPER-EXUBERANT SUPER-MUSTACHE MAN!

ID: 1371746

It seems like it was the guy on the right in the blue shirt who actually caught the ball. But it was the super-happy mustache guy on the left who captured America’s heart.

ID: 1371770

For a moment, the most jubilant man alive.

ID: 1371795

13. Mustache man’s true nature is pure.

ID: 1371811

15. Mustache man!

ID: 1371812

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