Here’s The Epic Johnny Football Comeback You Missed While You Were Partying

Johnny Manziel was in fine, hyperactive form on New Year’s Eve.

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Texas A&M opened the second half of the Chik-Fil-A Bowl down 38-17 to Duke on Tuesday night. But, to quote what is likely Johnny Manziel’s favorite movie, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Mr. Football got his own comeback started in the third quarter with this insane play, leaping over a defender, bouncing off his own lineman…

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And escaping the pocket to toss the ball to Travis Labhart for an easy touchdown.

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A&M would soon narrow the deficit to seven on a Tra Carson run. Duke then closed the third quarter with a field goal. Soon after the last period began, a perfect back-shoulder throw to Mike Evans set the Aggies up in the red zone.

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Manziel would finish the drive by winning a race to the corner.

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The Manziel rises!

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To Duke’s credit, it didn’t fold under the onslaught. With only six minutes left in the fourth quarter, David Reeves tiptoed the sideline for a TD that put the Blue Devils up 10.

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But Manziel was unstoppable. This bomb to Derel Walker went for a 44-yard score and brought the game back to within three.

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And then Tony Hurd Jr. picked off a pass by Anthony Boone (who threw for 427 yards and three touchdowns) and returned it to the house. Boone would get picked again on the next drive, sealing the A&M victory.

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The entire Manziel experience was on display all night. He egged on the Aggies in the crowd.

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He threw this not-at-all-textbook sidearm pass that made quarterback coaches’ heads explode across the country.

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He accidentally (?) tossed his towel in the air on a follow-through.

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He talked smack for real.

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And he high-fived the hell out of an amused guy in a visor.

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Manziel’s almost certainly going pro this spring; if he does, this goofy, amazing comeback will be a fitting cap to one of the most memorable college careers in the history of the game. Godspeed, Johnny Football!

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