Apathetic Football Fan Pouring Popcorn On His Face Is America’s Greatest Hero

Sometimes the only appropriate reaction to a blowout is dumping food on your head in the hope that some of it will go in your mouth.

1. Step 1: Be a football fan. (A fan of the Washington State Cougars, in this case.)

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2. Step 2: Watch your team get blown out (Washington State lost tonight to Stanford 55-17) and become increasingly depressed.

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3. Step 3: Give up completely on football, dignity, and the entire concept of civilized society and just dump a giant plastic sack of popcorn on your face because it’s easier than using your hands to eat.

“Fuck this shit.” —Washington State Popcorn Guy

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4. We’ve all been there.

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9. Stay safe tonight, Washington State Popcorn Guy.

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