Thirteen Erics Whose Birthday It Is Or Isn’t

Some Erics’ birthdays are now. Other Erics’ birthdays might not be now.

13. Eric who is racist against robots

ID: 988262

12. Bonny Eric Buttfart, Captain of the Buffalo’s Revenge

ID: 988307

11. Eric Estrada, star of CHiPs, whose birthday it probably isn’t

ID: 988402

10. Double Eric, with Double Chicks

ID: 988325

9. Lil’ Eric, Prince of Swagtown

ID: 988393

8. Eric Dickerson, Running Back, Los Angeles Rams, 1983-1987

ID: 988318

7. Hip Hop legend Eric B (with his friend, whose name was Glenn, I think)

ID: 988447

6. Lady Erica, Dowager Countess of Hattington

ID: 988413

5. Eric the Red, Viking Conqueror of Greenland

ID: 988423

4. Eric the Orange, conjoined Muppet

ID: 988427

3. Prince Eric, fetishist of mute sea life

ID: 988483

2. Eric who looks less handsome in this picture for some reason

ID: 988518

1. Hey it’s our friend Eric! Happy Birthday Eric!

ID: 988547

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