22 Signs That You’ve Officially Arrived To Your Mid - Late 20’s

You’ve spotted a grey hair or 12, you’re frequently grumpy, naps are luxurious and you’ve experienced the major consequences of being wine drunk and suffering a wine hangover.

1. You no longer need a “role model”.

Perhaps the last one assisted you in disowning half of your liver.

ID: 1783154

2. You’ve learned all there is to know about survival from Mariska Hargitay.

Because Mariska Hargitay can come back from anything.

ID: 1783191

3. Things your parents told you have all started to make sense

ID: 1783218

4. Your metabolism is slowing down, rapidly.

It might be too late …

ID: 1783251

5. Vodka has officially been excused from the party

ID: 1783274

6. You’re realizing that maybe money actually can buy you happiness …

But unfortunately most of it went toward your college tuition.

ID: 1783293

7. Things have suddenly become more annoying than ever

And let’s be realistic … You can’t be PMSing 24/7 - 365.

ID: 1783329

8. By now you’ve perfected the art of pitty laughing

Everyone deserves to feel like they told a great joke at least once in life

ID: 1783375

9. It’s like one morning your brain just decided that it wasn’t going to put up with the hangovers anymore

You feel like something other than a human on Sunday morning

ID: 1783391

10. You’ve started to create a family of your very own …

Most likely all on 4 legs

ID: 1783400

11. Saturday mornings aren’t what they used to be …

Doug, Pepper Ann, Hey Arnold …

ID: 1783433

12. When someone talks sh!t about you

ID: 1783464

13. You’ve found a much more mature way to “unfriend” or “block” someone

ID: 1783500

14. You start to proudly admit things, like …

ID: 1783525

15. “The club” is no longer your scene …

ID: 1783541

16. “Swig” is the new “Shot” and it’s never hard alcohol

ID: 1783575

17. You no longer understand what’s “in style” or why


ID: 1783617

18. Naps are so exciting

ID: 1783640

19. Whole Foods has become so much more than your every day grocery store

to health and beyond.

ID: 1784900

20. Your reaction when you saw the “twerk”

ID: 1784914

21. You had to try it for yourself

ID: 1784921

22. Your Facebook news feed is filled with Engagement announcements …

ID: 2181885

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