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    • blaker3

      Anything is possible young bloods. That’s all the people who made the video on here are saying. It’s all about your desires and dreams.  What would you do if you had a million dollars? If you answer has anything to do with that video above and you still don’t think you can do at least a FEW things on that list, your just lying to yourselves. It’s pretty simple: avoid getting married, having a mortgage, having kids, or buying anything extravagant that you don’t need, if possible…and we all know that it is.  And everyone is sorry you went off to college without a clear direction (or maybe you did have a clear direction) and are either unemployed or up to your neck in debt. I’ve been working as a pizza (albeit the best pizza on the planet) delivery driver for over a year to save up enough money to go visit my brother for a month in South Korea. Anything is possible…