23 Lies You Tell Yourself While Traveling

“This can all fit in the carry-on.”

1. You can sleep/relax on the flight.

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You’ll undoubtedly get angry. Crying babies, numb butts, and no stretching of the legs = hell.

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2. No social media binges for the entire trip.


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3. You won’t stand out as a tourist.

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You’ll take pictures and get lost and look up so much stuff that you might as well embrace it.

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4. People will be welcoming.

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Some will be, but others would rather stare you down than help with directions.

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5. You’ll get an “early start” in the morning.

The entire vacation is like hitting one long snooze button.

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6. You’ll pick up on some of the language.

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Besides “yes”, “no”, and “where is the bathroom?”

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7. Kilometers are pretty much the same as miles.

They never have been and never will be, but it took you a bit to calculate that.

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8. All decisions will be made with a clear state of mind.

Wait, what?

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9. You’ll stay in touch with the people you met in the hostel.

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It’s the novelty effect, and you’ll forget all of their names within a year.

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10. You’ll master the country’s hottest dance moves.

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Your hips may not usually lie, but they are now because they don’t speak the language!

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11. You’ll have one of those “best night ever” moments.

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You can’t predict these yet you still have hope every time.

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12. “We’ll come back!”

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Well, at least you hope you will.

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13. You’ll “quickly” check in with someone back home.

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Make that a two hour conversation.

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14. Oh, it’s not that expensive!

Your conversion rate is off. Try that math again.

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15. This is such an authentic restaurant!

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Without fail, each trip will include a touristy munching spot that you’ll get sucked into and cannot avoid.

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16. You’ll try the delicacies.

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But when you hear what they are… maybe not.

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17. Calories don’t exist on vacation.

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18. You won’t enter a food coma.

This will inevitably happen at least once because everything’s just so yummy.

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19. These souvenirs will make great gifts.

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And then you keep them all for yourself.

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20. You’ll accomplish everything on your itinerary.

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You overbooked yourself, but in the end, it’s OK because what you did do was totally the right decision.

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21. Every detail of this trip will be engraved into your memory.

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You probably won’t remember half of the things that happened, but that’s what photos and friends are for.

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22. You won’t be sad to leave.

False. A good vacation rarely equals a happy departure back home.

ID: 2394468

23. You’ll never visit this place again.

False. If you loved it, you’ll be back eventually. Until then, just relax and repeatedly scroll through your pictures.

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