15 Life Lessons From The It’s Always Sunny Gang

Advice you can trust from your favorite rag-tag gang of TV miscreants. Join Charlie and the rest of the Paddy’s crew in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, weekdays at 7PM on Bite.

1. Always have a back-up plan.

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2. Your first impression is everything.

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3. Put your best foot forward.

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4. You can draw inspiration from anything.

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5. It’s what’s inside that counts.

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6. Friendship is the greatest gift.

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7. Respect your elders.

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8. Never turn your back on nature.

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9. Addiction is no laughing matter.

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10. Everything in moderation.

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11. You gotta have faith.

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12. A calm head conquers all.

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13. A healthy body is a happy body.

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14. There’s nothing more rewarding than a career.

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15. And always expect the unexpected.

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Weekdays at 7:00PM on Bite.

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