10 Celebrities That Look Like Fast Food Chain Mascots

Who do we have to boink to get a movie made about Grimace? Or Wendy? Or that really frightening Quiznos rat monster? The cast list is up!

1. Starbucks Siren

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Kaffee macht mich Kacke.
(Coffee makes me poop.)

2. Jack In The Box Conehead

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And you’re not gonna reach my tele-cone.

3. Burger King

Via http://tvtropes.org

4. Quiznos “thing”

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Steve Buscemi, makin sweet sweet sub love to the camera.

5. The Little Caesars Guy

Hey Mr. DJ put a toga on. I’m gonna dance with a pizza.

6. McDonald’s friend “Grimace”

Oprah. No, we are not calling you fat….. you’re just…………. very purple.

7. The Wendy’s Girl

Burger Spice. I really really really wanna chicken club, ahhhh.

Who’s that eatin’ nasty tots?

9. Dairy Queen Cone

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Gwen Stefani as The Hairy Queen

10. Dominos “Noid”

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When in doubt- do the Goldblum.

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