10 Celebrities That Look Like Fast Food Chain Mascots

Who do we have to boink to get a movie made about Grimace? Or Wendy? Or that really frightening Quiznos rat monster? The cast list is up!

Kaffee macht mich Kacke.
(Coffee makes me poop.)

2. Jack In The Box Conehead

And you’re not gonna reach my tele-cone.

4. Quiznos “thing”

Steve Buscemi, makin sweet sweet sub love to the camera.

5. The Little Caesars Guy

Hey Mr. DJ put a toga on. I’m gonna dance with a pizza.

6. McDonald’s friend “Grimace”

Oprah. No, we are not calling you fat….. you’re just…………. very purple.

7. The Wendy’s Girl

Burger Spice. I really really really wanna chicken club, ahhhh.

Who’s that eatin’ nasty tots?

9. Dairy Queen Cone

Gwen Stefani as The Hairy Queen

When in doubt- do the Goldblum.

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