26 Things Grad Students Love

It doesn’t matter if they’re studying law, medicine, business, or getting a Ph.D. — they’re all crazy on the inside.

1. High school reunions

Who’s “most likely to succeed” now?

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2. TV shows about their future profession

Who else can point out how relatable yet inaccurate they are?

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3. Ironic kickball leagues

A chance to be competitive without being hated for it.

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4. Undergrad parties

Finally, a chance to say “corporate law” when asked “what’s you major?”

ID: 1909239

5. Ikea

Temporary furniture for a temporary lifestyle.

ID: 1909056

6. Trivia Nights

The opportunity to get drunk, show off esoteric knowledge, and come up with a clever team name is too hard to resist.

ID: 1909142

7. Coffee


ID: 1908702

8. Novelty hats and t-shirts

Because if grad students aren’t buying this stuff, who is?

ID: 1909310

9. Free food

Sometimes all it takes to get a grad student to show up somewhere.

ID: 1909359

10. Job fairs

The light at the end of the tunnel is suddenly less dim.

ID: 1909348

11. Student loans

It’s easier to hemorrhage money when the money isn’t yours.

ID: 1909069

12. Procrastinating

You’re probably doing it right now.

ID: 1909467

13. Mario Kart

The great equalizer.

ID: 1909403

14. Being gunners

You ruin everything!

ID: 1909486

15. Hating gunners

They ruin everything!

ID: 1909512

16. Networking

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Because making law review clearly isn’t going to happen.

ID: 1909803

17. Movies about their future profession

With corresponding Facebook status updates (e.g. “Oh, The Paper Chase is on — there goes my Saturday!”).

ID: 1922373

18. Studying in peace and quiet

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And don’t even think about touching a grad student’s clearly-reserved library cubicle.

ID: 1922388

19. Student discounts

That 10% off at J.Crew really adds up.

ID: 1909296

20. Easy research projects

Gotta pad that C.V.

ID: 1909626

21. Sleeping In

As long as you’re paying for a note-taking service, you might as well get your money’s worth.

ID: 1909595

22. More coffee

It never ends.

ID: 1922079

23. Seamless

It’s grad school, not cooking school.

ID: 1910038

24. Self-loathing

Fox / Via giphy.com

Seriously, how long does it take to write a dissertation?

ID: 1909853

25. Asking parents for money

Tell them you’re an investment.

ID: 1909977

26. Avoiding the real world for a few more years

Don’t grow up, grad students — it’s a trap.

ID: 1909980

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