Woman claims title to world’s largest breasts. But another says she has the biggest boobs on earth.


A contest on who exactly has the biggest boobs in the world seems to be heating up. It all started last week when Exotic Dancer Chelsea Charms showed up on an English Morning Talk show… This Morning. Charms says she earns thousands of dollars as exotic dancer for two very good reasons, her breast size is 164 XXX.

Now Charms didn’t get to her huge size without some help, but in the world of Giant Boobs that doesn’t matter. She now claims title to the world’s biggest bazoongas.But as soon as Chelsea made that claim, another woman with giant Mammeris shows up and says she is the official bra-bustiing world champ.

Her name is Maxi Mounds. She says her breasts are only 20 lbs each in comparison to Charms 26 Lbs. but in terms of who is world champ, what matters is who has the certificate.

Chelsea admits she hasn’t been measured by the Guiness Book people yet, but is expecting to get a call from them very soon. IWN tried contacted Guiness Book but we were told they are currently embroiled in a heated internal debate over who gets to make the measurements. Once that gets resolved, then new measurements will be made of both woman.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised to see other women getting into the worlds biggest boob contest. Both Maxi and Charms are profiting nicely from their treasure chests.

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