What Is A ‘Text-Only’ Twitter Feed?

The text feed trend on Twitter takes content from other social networks or online databases, and describes that content using only words, or posts quotes devoid of context. See, what it does is point out the inanities of online culture by distilling them down to their 140-character essence. posted on

It has been months since I was married to Ludacris and a whole year since we turned into lions.

All of a sudden, KoRn busted down the door and started screaming Freak On A Leash, but then it turned into an episode of Mind of Mencia wher

Two friends. One moving eyes the other moving their mouth. #combocliche" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23combocliche">#combocliche

Whelp... time to call my Fiancé, and call our wedding off. I've found somepony better.

7 years after learning about pick up, I am yet to talk to a girl.

I give up trying to find out on my own, what is the next step after flirting to lose my virginity?

When a Sim dies, a tombstone or an urn will appear in , the ghost of the deceased Sim may haunt the building where it died.

The advantages of a self-contained room are that male-oriented design choices, such as "tacky lamps" and "beer-can sculptures", are out of

Tell me how this recession is affecting WoW Gold/US Dollar exchange rates

I returned her smile with a cold, Clint Eastwood style death stare, finished of with a little snort of disgust.

First off, he was a great, charismatic leader that revitalized the German economy when the world was still in the grips of a depression.

A weird sense of awkwardness attached to a drawing of Pinkie Pie wearing Loki's outfit.

As he prepared to impale Shadow with the chaos blade, Rouge once again stood in the way

its so cool! its a mix of eggman and angerybirds! i love sonic! its really cool!

Scanned image of Magic Mike cast walking through the rain without shirts on

Hospital brings in their B-tier surgeon who fucks up the surgery and someone dies... because you wanted to read an article about video games

One night after losing for the 50th time, I turned off the system, turned it upside down (for some reason) and said "get out."

Let me start off, though, by explaining why I think the label of queer heterosexual could be applied to me.

And yes I admit to being a zoophile. I’m especially fond of dogs and horses, but once again I would never act upon it.

Otherkin problems: People say you can’t exist because you are an improbable hybrid or “imaginary species"

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