12 Interesting Facts About Goop

Goop has been up to lots of interesting stuff lately. Check it out!

1. Goop charges $90 for a white t-shirt

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2. Goop made this robot explode

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3. Goop named her daughter Apple

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4. Some goops are Non-Newtonian

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5. Goop made Steve Martin hate his life

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6. Nickelodeon used to make a type of goop called Gak

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7. Goop saved someone’s life on 9/11

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8. According to the Ben10 wiki, “Goop controls his slime with his Anti-Gravity Projector, if Goop and the Anti-Gravity Projector are separated by at least two feet, Goop’s body will become inert until the Anti-Gravity Projector recollects it.”

ID: 410549

9. Goop won her first Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love”

ID: 410570

10. Goop is useful for removing stains

ID: 410580

11. Goop did all her own singing in “Country Strong”

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12. Goop first appeared in “The Gauntlet,” the ninth episode of Ben10: Alien Force, on June 14, 2008

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