Animals Eating Watermelon From A To Z

It’s summer and the best way too cool off is eat some fresh fruit, probably. Just like these animals.

2. Beaver

3. Corgi

5. Elephant

7. Guinea Pig

8. Hedgehog

9. Iguana

10. Jaguar

11. Komodo Dragon

(The watermelon is stuff with chicken.)

12. Llama

13. Mouse

14. (Newborn) child

(There are very few animals that start with ‘n.’)

15. Otter

16. Panda

17. Quail

18. Rabbit

19. Sheep

20. Turtle

21. Unhappy Cat

22. Virginia Opossum

23. Wolf

24. Xtra-Cute Dog

25. Yogi Bear

26. Zorilla

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