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    • Bey99d

      I wound up pregnant at 21 (obviously unplanned). To say it’s been hard is an understatement. I wound up having my son premature due to a blood clot, he now has special needs, and my abusive boyfriend left (we are actually fine with him gone). That all being said, life has been so much more wonderful since my son was born. Even on days that seem the hardest, I am still over the moon with joy just because of all the smiles and giggles that outweigh the negatives. Unplanned pregnancies aren’t easy and may not be for everyone, but they can turn out to be wonderful. Because of my son I have had the privilege to meet and become friend with some incredible and inspiring people. My dreams were put on hold for a year, but now I am thriving and work extra hard to make sure all of my dreams do come true. My son reminds me daily to stop and be grateful for the smallest things in life and to be humble. Everyone has a choice and some choose to carry out their pregnancy while others do not. Either way, we all as women should not chastise other women for their decisions. Life rocks no matter what path you choose :)