23 Things All Twentysomethings Do When Backpacking Through Europe

“When in Rome,” “YOLO,” and all that jazz.

1. You sneak water bottles into restaurants to avoid breaking the bank on fancy restaurant water.

milla1974 / Via Thinkstock

Tap Water? Fo-get about it.

Conaco / Via

2. You couldn’t even believe it the first time you had to pay to use the bathroom.

Walt Disney Productions / Via

Literally, I beg your friggin pardon???

3. You look at a restaurant menu and notice that it’s cheaper to order a vodka shot than a Coke.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

So naturally, this is the most economical option.

Jersey Films / Via

4. You take a million pictures of churches…

Disney Television Animation / Via

…Only to later think: “What in God’s name am I supposed to do with a million pictures of churches?”

5. You wander up and down the winding streets, searching for your hostel.

Heyday Films / Via

And when you ask a local for directions, they look at you as though you have just arrived from outer space.

Comedy Central / Via

Because, GUESS WHAT, your hostel doesn’t exist.

SNL Studios / Via

Gotta love phantom hostels.

6. You find your true love in France: wine that only costs two Euros.

MTV Production Development / Via

7. You share a dorm room with a grown man who has no shame in publicly undressing.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

A scarring experience to say the least.

8. You wake up to the feeling of your bunk bed jiggling and realize that there are two people above you doing unspeakable things.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Either that, or they are doing two-person push-ups. But probably the former.

9. On days you’re feeling cheap, you hoard food from the free hostel breakfast to avoid buying lunch.

10. But on days you’re feeling culturally stimulated, you eat ALL OF THE FOOD!!!!!!

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

Local cuisine GET @ ME.

11. You get food poisoning and wind up at a local hospital where no one speaks English.

NBC Universal / Via

I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that strange-looking meat.

12. You try to keep your things clean and tidy to ease the process of repacking.

Illumination Entertainment / Via

But let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen.

Ryan McVay / Via Thinkstock

13. You wear the most stylish of handbags to avoid getting pickpocketed.

Hemera Technologies / Via Thinkstock

But be wary because “fanny pack” means something entirely different in the U.K. …

14. You feel all clever for using the expression “When in Rome” when you’re in actual Rome.

Dualstar Entertainment Group / Via

M-K and Ash know what’s up.

15. And you can’t possibly leave Rome without reenacting the famous Lizzie McGuire Movie scene.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

16. You go on a free walking tour, only to learn that it’s not actually free.

20th Century Fox / Via

I feel cheated.

17. You go to the South of France and Instagram a pic with a groundbreaking caption about Nice being nice.

Radio Disney / Via

But I’m not gonna lie to you hunny, I’ve seen it before.

18. You try to get away with paying discounted fares on the metro.

Apatow Productions / Via

And if the authorities catch your sneakiness, you ever so innocently play the “sorry, I’m foreign” card.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

19. You pretend to speak a made-up language when approached by men in the street selling roses or balls that you splatter on the ground.

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

20. You observe tourists going to extraordinary lengths to get an epic Leaning Tower of Pisa picture.


Disney Channel Original / Via

21. You come home from your trip tired, broke, and wearing your last clean T-shirt, which you probably won at a pub crawl.

Disney Animated Films / Via

22. But it was worth every single penny, and you have no regrets.

New Line Cinema / Via

23. And you promise yourself that you’ll visit again.

Hemdale Film Corporation / Via

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