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  • Benze Vacation Club- The Ultimate Solution For Clubbing

    Benze Vacations Club is India’s first family entertainment club. We started this family club in the year 1999, with our first club at ECR road, Chennai. Since then, we have started clubs at various locations in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu, like Coimbatore and Erode. Benze Club have plans to expand and extend our facilities and services to other cities and states in India in the future. Benz Vacation Club also have affiliations with many associate clubs offering our members an unmatched variety of vacation getaways.

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  • About Benze Vacation Club

    Benze Vacations Club started its epoch making journey in the year 1999. From our first club at the ECR Road in Chennai, we started the second club at Mount Road and the third club in Coimbatore in the same year.

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  • Benze Vacation Club Providing All-Round Facilities

    Benze Vacations Club was introduced in the year 2008 as India’s first family club. Benz Club cater to the needs of each family member be it an adult, young or old. Benze Club are headquartered at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Benz Club provide world class facilities and services for a safe, peaceful and fun filled vaccation with clubs at various locations in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu like Coimbatore and Erode.

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