22 People Who Are Ready To Beat Up United Nations Election Observers

A routine visit from international election observers nearly sparked an international incident in Texas. The observers are actually from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, but who’s counting?

Prob no UN in WV; we're neon red & blinking. If I do see 1, will stand thisclose & say I'm a "UN Observer Observer". #mitt2012 #observethis

— ramblestrip (@ramblestrip)

@betseyross Uh, wrong. If a UN observer breaks any laws in my home town he'd better be able to run faster than 900 feet per sec.

— towerclimber37 (@old fat man)

If I go to vote and a,UN observer bothers me are they immune from an ass kicking? Just wondering.

— paulpaulmdot (@Paul the smartass.)

If you see a UN observer at your polling place; hand them a broom and tell them to sweep up. Make them useful. #justsayin

— pgkstj (@randy)

If there is a UN "observer" at my voting site. There is going to be an international incident of biblical proportions!

— Mike1104 (@Mike W.)

@ericbolling Is the UN aware that TEXANS open carry HANDGUNS when they VOTE? Headlines: UN observer pistol whipped by Texas Grandma of 6!

— SoCal_Jeff (@SoCal Jeff)

If you see a Borat clone UN voting observer tomorrow, remind him we have indoor plumbing and flushing toilets. #tcot

— BreitTwit1 (@BreitTwit)

@megynkelly I'm in Indiana...if any UN Observer is at my polling station and says anything to me, they better catch the next plane out

— tadlybear (@Tad)

@MEAN_MARINE. Ira, if a UN observer tries to block the path to the poll place door, I would advise stronger measures than taking a pic. :))

— jacktownbb (@Todd Meredith)

Hey @NRA why don't you deploy election observer's to protect us from the NAACP, the UN, liberal Unions and Black Panther THUGS!!

— michael_mosher (@Michael Mosher)

United Nations Election Observer Deployment 2012 This is a deployment of Obamas hate for America http://t.co/2AD9gFux

— Just_Minus (@Al)

UN election observer from Ubekibekistanstan declares all ballots null and void because there were no Mohammed's to vote for

— Tinwizid (@Tinwizid)

Just sayN if I C a UN "observer" @ my poll place Im calling the fraud department. They Rnt UScitizens & have no right nosing in our election

— PlainUnamerican (@ChristinaBistes)

The mere fact that we're facing the UN observer issue is due to the anti-American policies of Barack Hussein Obama. He is a traitor.

— USA_Sunrise (@USA_Sunrise)

Still considering driving to Tallahassee after I vote on Tuesday in hopes of getting to Rick James slap a UN observer.

— FreshPiffle (@Nolo Contendere)

if you see a UN observer at your polling place ask them what the hell they are doing there. In Iowa & Texas they will be arrested

— rsummers16 (@Rob)

If you're a UN observer in Alabama and let people know who you are....you may wish you were assigned to Syria

— JustConservativ (@Rebeckah Christine)

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