13 Signs You’re A Raging Narcissist

As told by me, the greatest person in the world.

1. You find the need to insert yourself into every photo.

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2. When you do something bad, it’s never REALLY your fault… ‘cause you’re the best!

Awwww I can’t stay mad at me.

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3. You’ll laugh super hard at a joke until you realize it’s about you.

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4. When you’re sick, it’s mandatory that everyone stops what they’re doing to feel bad for you.

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5. You park wherever you want… even if that makes you an “asshale.”

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6. Your friends expect very little when they receive a gift from you:

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7. …your gift expectations are a little more lofty.

It’s not the color I wanted… but thanks? I guess.

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8. Every. Photo. On. Facebook.

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9. You send links of your tweets to your friends who already follow you on Twitter.


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10. In fact, there’s never a bad time to shamelessly plug your Twitter account that everyone should be following because of how awesome it is

@Rosen @Rosen @Rosen @Rosen @Rosen @Rosen @Rosen

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11. On more than one occasion, you’ve “discovered” your yearbook page when guests are over.

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12. When people hate the songs you play, it’s just because your taste in music is far more advanced.

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13. …or you’re Kanye West.

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