We Should All Be Sad That Modern Social Media Wasn’t Around For George W. Bush

Because, imagine…

Does anyone remember that this dude was PRESIDENT for eight years?!

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And this stuff was not really available for MOST of that time!

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1. He was the most GIF-able president of all time.

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Because he would do this move at the presidential podium.

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2. Think of all the memes that could have been!

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3. His quotes were always perfect.

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4. And think of what the internet would have done with these perfect moments!

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5. We missed all the little quirky stuff that only the internet could catch and appreciate!

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Like Bush cleaning his glasses on the Letterman makeup lady.

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And hocking a loogie on the White House lawn.

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6. His interactions with other public officials would have been so perfect for the internet too.

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“U.S. Beef.”

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LOOK at the U.S. and Russia and China!?

Via AP
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7. And just imagine if they let him run the Twitter handle for a moment.

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LUCKY FOR US, George W. Bush provides ample internet material even AFTER his two terms.

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“Stay strong.”

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