Who Is Christmas Corner Guy?

Merry Christmas to the Corner!

1. Do you remember Corner Guy? If not you better learn.

2. Well it seems Corner Guy may have to give up his throne for the holiday season.


3. Because we have a NEW Christmas Corner Guy.

4. And the internet loves him.

5. Christmas Corner Guy has showed up just in time to bring holiday cheer to the Senate debate on the budget agreement!

And to make Senator Sessions look slightly more like an elf.

6. People have compared him to the grandmother from Christmas Vacation.


7. He has been compared to Justin Bieber.


9. Other sports broadcasters.


10. And this old guy.


11. We even watched him give Senator Sessions a present!

Some paper we think!

12. And cross his arms and scratch his magical cheek!


13. And children all around the world were wondering in unison “Who is this man who has brought the Senate Christmas cheer?”

14. His name is Eric Ueland.

15. And he is a total Boss!

16. Even when he is not dressed in his Christmas Corner Guy SWAG.

He wears normal jackets, too.

17. So thank you Christmas Corner Guy. You made our cold D.C. hearts grow three sizes today.


18. And we love you for it.

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