What Your Favorite Politicians Were Doing During The Government Shutdown

YOSO: You Only Shutdown Once.

During the shutdown, BuzzFeed was hard at work monitoring the social media of members of Congress to see what they were up to.

Here are some of our favorite posts.

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1. Sen. Rand Paul found a pumpkin.

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2. Rep. Louie Gohmert wore jeans.

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3. Sen. Ted Cruz sat in front of a giant laser gun.

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4. Rep. Eric Swalwell took a photo of his foot.

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5. Sen. Mary Landrieu hung out with the stars of Duck Dynasty.

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6. And Rep. Jason Chaffetz put a beard on himself.

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7. Rep. Michelle Bachmann showed these kids all the monuments and memorials that they would not be able to visit.

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8. Sen. Jeff Flake reminded us that Congress cannot shut down the sunset.

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9. Sen. Al Franken planned on hanging out with Paul Simon, but had to cancel.

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10. Rep. Darrell Issa tweeted a photo of himself on a rusty ship.

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11. Rep. Henry Waxman found some poster board.

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12. Rep. Luis Gutierrez was arrested.

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13. Rep. Aaron Shock took a picture of a rave on the Mall while jogging.

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14. Sen. Claire McCaskill watched sports.

Gotta confess, slightly giddy over Mizzou and the Cardinals. Now @KCChiefs slam the Raiders for the trifecta.

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc)

Claire McCaskill


Gotta confess, slightly giddy over Mizzou and the Cardinals. Now @KCChiefs slam the Raiders for the trifecta.

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15. Rep. Justin Amash was inducted into the Rebel Alliance.

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16. Sen. John Thune was a S.E. fanboy.

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17. Rep. Tom Graves signed a guest book.

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18. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi contemplated her FDR bust.

ID: 1819032

19. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell bored the hell out of some kids.

ID: 1819036

20. Rep. James Lankford ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

ID: 1819037

21. Rep. Joe Kennedy wooed some little old ladies.

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22. Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz went to this fancy black-tie thing.

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23. Sen. John McCain went to this fancy dinner and apparently stood under a spotlight.

ID: 1819045

24. Rep. Patrick Murphy tweeted this photo of lovely Florida.

ID: 1819046

25. Obama made a sandwich.

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
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Happy Shutdown!

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CORRECTION: correction: Sen. Franken’s fundraiser with Simon was cancelled. An earlier version of this article did not reflect that.

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