What It’s Like To File Your Taxes When You’re Young And Single

Oh, god, please no.

1. “OK, it’s tax season again.”

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2. “I got all my receipts, W-2s, charitable info, health-care info, housing info…”

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3. “OK. Concentrate. You can do this.”

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4. “No, I am not married.”

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5. “No, I don’t have any dependents.”

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6. “No, I am not a home owner.”

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7. “But I worked really hard last year! So let’s enter my W-2s and see how much I made after taxes…”

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8. “Wait. I made how much AFTER TAXES?”

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9. “No, seriously. Will Social Security even be available when I’m 65?”

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10. “Wait. It says I still owe the government money… I must have entered something wrong.”

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11. “My god. I DO still owe.”

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12. “Alright, well I now have a good attitude going into my deductions.”

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13. “I think I can itemize my deductions.”

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14. “Half of these deductions I cannot understand. Why are they asking for an I-90 g form?”

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15. “Wait, I only qualify for 2 out of 1,347 deductions?!”

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16. “I have to tell the government HOW MUCH about my personal life to write this stuff off?”

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17. “Yeah, I think that old futon I left on the street corner was charity.”

ID: 1074736

18. “And I know I donated that mattress to Salvation Army.”

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19. “I tithed on Easter Sunday for sure.”

ID: 1074812

20. “Yes. Of course I have receipts for all of these donations.”

ID: 1075508

21. “Yes, I do still owe a shitload of student loans. Thanks for reminding me of my financial state, IRS.”

ID: 1075314

22. “But wait…now I get a $91 refund!”

ID: 1074738

23. “Straight money!”

ID: 1074802

24. “VICTORY!”

ID: 1075317

25. “What’s that? My spoiled friend who never works gets a bigger refund than me?”

ID: 1074798

26. “Whatever. Still gettin’ a refund.”

ID: 1074809

27. “That was a painful two hours. Lets file this bitch and get it over with.”

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28. “WHAT! Now I have to do it again for STATE AND LOCAL TAXES?!”

ID: 1075294

29. “Oh, and I have to pay 75 bucks to file this?”

ID: 1074724

30. “OK, filed. Status pending…”

ID: 1075529

31. “Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!”

ID: 1075557

32. “The IRS has accepted this return.”

ID: 1075555

33. “You’re finished with your taxes.”

ID: 1075556

34. “‘Til next year, IRS.”

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